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New Features: Tips Overhaul and Payroll

May 23, 2018   Adam   Feature Updates

As the weather starts to warm up here in the northeast we're hoping that everyone is having a great year thus far! We've been hard at work testing out updates to the system, some of which we're releasing today. Using the new Payroll will be optional, but do familiarize yourself with the Tips Overhaul to understand how tipping will work in the system moving forward.

Note that the Tips Overhaul and Payroll are only available to those who has been signed up since 2017 OR have the Billing Overhaul enabled.

Tips Overhaul

The overhaul to tips will allow clients to add tips more readily, before or after visits have been completed, and before and after invoices have been paid. Whenever and however a tip is added or changed the system will reconcile the difference to make sure that the visit-level tips add up to the actual tip that was made.

  • Tips are always stored at the visit level (so they show up in Payroll reports) and match the actual amount tipped by the client
  • If a client adds a tip when they don't have an invoice due the running tip total is saved and added to the tip amount on their next invoice
  • "Automatically Tip" setting in Client Profiles that both staff and clients can set, which will add a tip to all visits added/requested after being set
  • "Add Tip" field on invoice for when clients are initiating payments
  • When using Billing > Payroll (see below), changes to tips or pay in past pay periods are automatically reflected in the next pay period for that staff


Using the new Billing > Payroll page you can now have a history of what you have paid your staff.  This is a replacement for running "Sitter Earnings Only" reports on the Resources > Reports page (those reports will remain, but note that they cannot reflect changes in past pay periods). Here is the full list of payroll functionality:

  • Complete history of payroll checks, including check #'s, notes and YTD totals
  • When running payroll the system will flag when a sitter has uncompleted visits
  • Click on the # of visits for details and to conveniently recalculate right from the Payroll page
  • Use the Payroll tab in the User profile to see that User's payroll
  • Changes to pay/tips in past pay periods which have been saved will automatically be added or subtracted from the sitter's next pay period

Additional Updates

  • "Sitters" in the Office Only section of the Client Profile shows which sitters have done visits for the client in the past 6 months
  • If you have Require Credit Cards set to "Yes" you will see a credit card icon at the top of each client's profile. Green = on file, yellow = expires this month, red = not on file or expired.
  • You can now hide Canceled visits in Table view on the Master Schedule
  • Custom Prices can now be Bulk Edited from Table view of the Client Profiles page
  • When adding visits within a Client Profile the system will default to the Primary sitter (if one is set)

Satisfied Customers

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